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Woven by Mary Jackl, Phelps. WI

Lonnie Frazier, LO-MAC Rugs, Fredericktown, OH

"Flaming Arrowhead" rug, woven by Dorothy Warner, Sandusky, MI

Hit and Miss Thrum Rug, woven from wool, by Nancy Hinsey, Baja, Mexico.

Evelyna Vignola, Hanes, AK  - Thick Wool Sock Loopers


Carol Ann Kapheim, Editor

(847) 373-2011

       The Weaver's Friend 2 is a publication intended for rag rug weavers using or restoring historical rag looms.

       The Weaver's Friend was founded and published by Janet Meany, the editor from 1989-2015. The Weaver's       Friend 2 is now published by Carol Ann Kapheim.

       Weaver's Friend 2 is intended to be a news source for the rag rug community using letters and pictures from subscribers. Educational information is also provided through projects, interviews with weavers, and profiles of suppliers and old loom restorers. 

       The objective of the publication is to serve the interests and concerns of rag rug weavers and promote a consciousness of the history of rag rug weaving as well as exploring contemporary applications of the craft. We have a goal of encouraging experienced rug weavers to share their skill with new rug weavers.