Available Equipment


  • Cincinnati, OH (NE Ohio) Hundreds of weaving shuttles of all kinds: boat, stick ski, tapestry, poke, rag. Used weaving books including KEEP ME WARM ONE NIGHT. $95 plus mailing cost. Wanted: metal Structo Loom... call me. Linda: 333.457.7751 Lambrugs@yahoo.com

  • 54" Fireside Oak Loom, 8 shaft, double beam with sliding wench. Extra reeds. $3000. Electric. Bobbin Winder. Willing to negotiate. Bonnie brbarkan@me.com

  • Weavers Friend Loom - Green Lake, WI. Mary buchhma@live.com

  • Weaving apprentice wanted. Contact Dorothy of The Rug Bug Stop, Sandusky, MI 810.404.4250 or rugbug1300@gmail.com                      Also, 3 looms for sale. #1. 36" Kessenich Loom (made in the 50s, not the newer ones that are not made as well), plain beam, 4H, 6T, aprons, nylon heddles. Folds for easy transport/moving. Attractive and in excellent condition. $750.  #2. 36" Bergman Loom. Cherry woods, plain beam, 8H, 10T, apron, string heddles, folding. Very good condition, great to work on. $750.  #3. 30" Unknown make, sectional beam, 4H (possible 8H), 8T, folding. Needs some TLC. Make offer. Dorothy Warner 810.404.4250 warner34@outlook.com

  • Newcomb Studio Loom. 4 harness, 6 treadle with a 36 inch, 12 dent reed. I've woven hundreds of rag rugs and table runners on it. I'm asking $350 for it picked up at the studio in Northern WI (Phelps). Call Mary at 715-545-2897

  • Newcomb Studio Loom in very good shape. Tamarach, MN. Carmen: alcarmenrinta@gmail.com

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